StealthCap Capacitor 20.0uF 310Vdc

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20.0uF 310Vdc, Stealth Technology, Metalized Film Capacitor 2.1" D x 1.75" L

Many of you have taken a peek inside your favourite hi-fi gear and wondered about that alluring red-gold TRT cap. What is it? And how can you get it? TRT has heard your pleas. Now DIYers can buy the capacitor that gave Aesthetix, Audio Research and other manufacturers their mysteriously good sonic detail.  With StealthCaps in your setup, instruments will emerge from a quiet black background and play with the realism of a live performance. Crescendos will reach your ears in full swells. Notes will join and focus their sound to give you musical wholeness and full dynamic contrast. You’ll remember the days when Top Gun was all the rage and wonder why it took so long for stealth fighter design philosophies to reach the hi-fi world.

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Unit of Measure: Each


  • StealthCap technology designed to eliminate signal reflections
  • Design inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber
  • Internal resins on the electrode plates greatly reduce electronic reflections and time smears
  • Results are quieter backgrounds with greater dynamic contrast and image focus
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