Audio Note "Magnetic" Tantalum Resistor 1K Ohm 2W, Qty Avail: 1 Piece

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1K Ohm 2 Watt, Audio Note "Magnetic" Tantalum Film Resistor, Axial Leads Qty. Avail: 1

These exotic resistors from Japan, sound less dry than the metal films and they do not emphasise any particular frequency range. They sound more natural, more musical.

They work equally well in semiconductor and tube amplifiers. Most customers, who have tried the tantalums, say that they would never go back to the common metal-film type resistors. Please note that the Audio Note tantalums are not actually Shinkoh manufactured (no longer in business) but are from a second source, these, however share many aspects of the original Shinkoh`s. These have a 1% tolerance.

This item is temporarily out of stock, please inquire for lead time by sending us your wishlist.

Unit of Measure: Each

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