VAMPIRE "Wing Nut" Style Binding Post 

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BFBP - 5 Way Single Binding Post, Gold-Plated Brass w/Oversized High Torque Caps

You’ll love the durable, no-nonsense construction of these binding posts. A single piece of hard brass transmits your music signal with full detail and clarity. It’s plated first in copper, then silver and gold to help you achieve the perfect tone. And for extra easy DIYing, there’s always the BFBP Binding Post. It’s Wingnut Style construction will let you crank down your connection without any tools. Go ahead and apply 40 inch-pounds of torque with your own two hands!

Unit of Measure: Pair


• Ability to tighten your speaker cable connections without the use of any tools

• Apply 40 inch pounds of torque by hand

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