Vishay-Roederstein Capacitor 0.022uF 100Vac-160Vdc MKP-1837 Series

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0.01uF 160Vdc (100VAC), MKP-1837, Metalized Film Capacitor 1% Tolerance, 5.5mmW x 7mmH x 7.5mm L

The Roederstein MKP 1837 is a polypropylene film capacitor that will clean the grainy fuzz from your playback. It’s great for all kinds of jazz, fusion and classical music. You won’t find another low-priced cap with this much instrumental separation.

Unit of Measure: Each


• Great for timing, LC/RC filter circuits, high frequency coupling/decoupling, sample and hold circuits

• Extended metalized polypropylene film dielectric

• Vacuum deposited aluminum electrodes

• Concert hall sonic signature that helps you get into the recording

• Transparency that removes grain and allows you to experience true instrumental separation

• Flame retardant blue plastic case

• Sealed with an epoxy resin

• Tinned wire leads

• Lead (Pb) free

• RoHS compliant


Technical Specifications

• Voltage Rating: 160 VDC / 100 VAC

• Test Voltage: 1.6 x UR for 2 s

• Tolerances: ± 10% (K), ± 5% (J), ± 2.5% (H), ± 1% (F)

• Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to 100°C

• Capacitance Drift: Up to 40°C, <0.5% for a period of two years

• Insulation Resistance: Measured at 100 VDC after one minute 100,000 MΩ minimum value

• Temperature Coefficient: -250°C x 10-6/°C (typical value)

• Maximum Pulse Rise Time: dv/dt = 390 V/μs (If the maximum pulse voltage is less than the rated voltage, higher dv/dt values are permissible)

• Derating for DC and AC Voltage: At +85°C: UC = 1.0 UR  At +100°C: UC= 0.7 UR

• Self Inductance: ~ 6 nH measured with 2mm long leads

• Pull Test of Leads: ≥ 30 N in direction of leads according to IEC 60068-2-21

• Dielectric Absorption: 0.05% (typical value) acc. to IEC 60384-1

• Reliability: Operational Life > 300,000 h Failure Rate < 5 FIT (40°C and 0.5 x UR)

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