XHADOW Silver-Plated (Copper Base) XLR Male Plug, 9.7mm opening

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XLR/F Xhadow Reference Female XLR, Cable Mount, Anodized in Gray, OFC Pure Copper (Silver-Plated) with Machined *PTFE Dielectric

Xhadow Precision XLRs are meticulously crafted for audiophiles who build ghostly good sound rooms. They’re made with mirror-plated brass shells and Teflon dielectrics. The contacts contain pure copper, silver-plated for smooth sound and conductivity. Each part is machined to give audiophiles hi-fi-grade precision. The main barrel and rear nut are lathed from pure aluminum rod-stock before being anodized in Xhadow Gray for a durable, non-conductive finish. Just don’t blame us if they turn your sound room into a haunted house.

Unit of Measure: Pair


• Machined brass internal strain relief

• Outer passive shell made from mirror-plated and machined brass

• Machined Teflon dielectric

• Pure aluminum rod-stock main barrel and rear nut, anodized in Xhadow Gray for a durable, non-conductive finish

• Pure copper machined contacts with additional silver plating

• Solder and set-screw termination options provide DIYers with flexibility and reliability

• Xhadow engraving along the shell’s front border indicates top orientation

• Contact pressure ensures perfect and consistent signal passage with minimum contact resistance

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