XLO PRO AC Power Cable 6FT

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XLO PRO AC Power Cable 6FT

For over twenty five years XLO has presided over the manufacturing of their products for 100% quality control backed with a limited lifetime warranty. We have the design and engineering expertise to form all of our cable’s components right down to our precision machined connectors. Using special metals, premium dielectrics, XLO’s proprietary winding geometries results in deeper, fuller and more detailed sound that immerses you in the performance.

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TM CableDesign
• Integrated Field-BalancedTM winding geometry
• OCC (Ohno Continous Cast) Time-AlignedTM copper conductors
• Low-capacitance PTFE (Polytetrafluroethylene) dielectrics
• Precision-machined connectors with 24K mil-spec gold-plated contacts

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