Furutech Fuses

Furutech has been providing audio enthusiasts with Japanese-made cables, parts and accessories since 1988. Their rigorous Pure Transmission design methodology keeps them involved at every stage of the manufacturing process, so that they can deliver uncompromising quality at a great price.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A blown fuse is NOT the sign of a defective item – they are designed to do just that. We suggest that each customer test any fuse purchased for continuity, before installing in their gear, to ensure it is intact upon arrival. Also, given the cost of audio-grade fuses, it may be prudent to slightly uprate the amperage, to ensure that these expensive fuses do not blow prematurely. Remember, a blown fuse is not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

Furutech Fuse TF-15A(20) SB 5x20mm
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