MIFLEX KFPM-01 Capacitor, 0.22uF 600Vdc, Copper Foil Polypropylene Film

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0.22uF 600Vdc, 2% Tolerance, Copper Foil Polypropylene Film, KFPM-01 Series Capacitor

The KFPM-01s are specifically designed for audio, minimizing parasitic impedance factors such as inductance and resistance therefore improving sound quality. These high quality, durable capacitors are made from carefully selected materials. The best production technologies, testing and measuring methods assure a very high standard of capacitor.


Unit of Measure: Each


  • designed to minimize inductance and resistance
  • Polypropylene film dielectric<\li>
  • High purity copper foil electrode
  • Axial leadouts
  • Leadouts are twisted copper
  • 600 VDC rated
  • Tolerance : 2%
  • Dissipation factor :0.005 at 1Khz
  • RoHs compliant
  • Range available 0.022uF to 1uF
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