Amber Z-Cap Jantzen Copper Foil  4,70µF 200VDC 3%  dia-51 / 96mm. hor.

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Amber Z-Cap Cap, 4.70µF 200VDC, 3% Tolerance

The Amber Z-Cap is a super high-end pure copper foil capacitor, designed specifically for passive crossovers (mainly tweeters). They are also equally well suited for mid-range application, but due to the price point of these super high-end capacitors, they will most often be used for tweeter application.

The Amber Z-Cap builds on the same design principles of our already critically acclaimed Alumen Z-Caps.

The differences between the two are subtle, but to the connoisseur listener, the listening experience will still be a clear improvement in the overall tonal balance. Copper foil has a noticeable positive impact on the “flavour” of the sound. This “flavour” of copper foil is best described as an even more neutral/natural depiction of vocals and instruments. This is paired with the enhancements in transparency and detail richness on an even higher level compared metalized polypropylene capacitors (MKP / Super MKP capacitors).

Unit of Measure: Each

Features and Specifications:


  • Capacitor foil: 99.99% purity cold-rolled copper foil
  • Dielectric insulation film: Polypropylene
  • Voltage rating: 200 VDC / 130 VAC
  • Capacitance tolerance: +/- 3 to 5% (on nominal value)
  • Temperature range: - 30C to + 85C
  • Extremely low ESR and SEL data
  • Non inductive construction
  • Terminal leads: Pure PCOCC grade copper
  • Dissipation factor: .0001
  • Signal direction: None (non-polarized capacitor)
  • An extremely fast reacting capacitor
  • Ultra thin dielectric insulation to eliminate memory effect in the capacitor
  • Very low ESR, SEL, inductance and dielectric absorption data
  • High quality pure copper foil wound with highly specialized machinery and precision winding techniques
  • The center of the capacitor is enforced by small steel balls to further ensure stability and shape of the capacitor
  • The specialized winding technique and overall quality of this capacitor enables us to offer a high-end product with a lot less distortion compared to the market standard
  • Specifically designed for the tweeter and mid-range section of passive crossovers
  • Can also be used as coupling capacitors for transistor amplifiers


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