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It has long been our design philosophy that great products need two key design philosophies optimized:

-- a robust circuit design
-- as well as the best parts available (or affordable) in all the sonically critical locations.

Many people ask us about modding vs. buying. What is the better value? Modification, by far... since it does not build into the equation the various mark-ups the numerous levels of distribution require for the sale, promotion and distribution of new products... thus, you get WAY MORE for your money by modifying.

Also, we are asked about whether doing MODs should be done at all -- "Isn't the entire mod process armchair quarterbacking the sonic vision of the equipment's original designer?" In some cases, it would be. However, we are not suggesting that every product will benefit from being modified... it may simply not be needed (this is often the case with the reference models of numerous currently manufactured high-end electronics lines). Thus, we don't make that claim... in many cases, simply a different sonic flavour is achieved, not something which is better. Moreover, pcX does not, generally speaking, modify or alter the unit's circuit topology... in our view, if we did, it would signify our need to design and build our own product...from the ground up! For the most part, our mods are restricted to parts upgrading, period. The skill comes from selecting which parts to upgrade, and voicing them together so they enhance the unit's natural strengths, and minimizes it's inherent weaknesses.

pcX only does mods in the following circumstances where the results are easily discernible, so that a marked improvement in overall sonic quality can be achieved:

OLDER Products --
Many older "vintage" (eg. Dynaco ST-70) products have good enough circuit designs... but lack the pedigree of parts now only available to us today... thus, these parts choices were simply not available to those designers.

BUDGET Products --
This is also true of some budget products made today as well (eg. Jolida JD-202a)... in order to hit certain price points, parts quality usually suffers.

OBSOLETE Products --
Modifications are also very relevant to technologically sensitive products, such as DAC's, CD Players, etc... which may benefit from the advances in various semi-conductor designs (op amps, next-gen DAC chips, etc.)... again, not available when the product was originally designed.

pcX is proud to both SELL (in stock form) the following range of products and offer our extensive modification experience and services in the following categories:

A. CURRENT "newly manufactured" Products

pcX, in conjunction with Walter Liederman of Underwood Audio (770-667-5633), are offering a number of mods to some exciting, high value, high performance electronics lines... like JOLIDA, SHANLING, MUSIC HALL, UNISON RESEARCH, DENON, etc. In almost all cases, we have shown our work to the original manufacturer or local importer... and generally speaking, it does not void any warranties (contact us for details).

JD-100 CD player
JD-202a, 302b, 502b, 1501RC, 1000, 801, 102 Integrated Amps

CD-25 CD Player
Maverick CD/SACD Player
Mambo Integrated Amplifier

CD-S100 MKII CD Player
CD-T80 Tube CD Player
CD-T100 CD Player
SCD-T200 SACD/CD Player
SCD-S200 SACD/CD Player (near identical to Maverick)
SP-80 Mono Integrated Amps
STP-80 Integrated Amplifier
SLM-A40 MKII Integrated Amplifier (near idential to Mambo)

Unico Integrated Amp

DVD-2200, 2900, 5900 Universal Player
*new* DVD-3910 Universal Player

NOTE: The Ultimate Tube Output Stage can be added to the Denon 2900, 5900 and new 5910 as well....please contact us  at  E-Mail  for more details and pricing.

HIT AUDIO (aka. upgraded CAYIN)
CD-22 Player
MT-88 Integrated Amplifier

M200 Mono Amps

QC-24 Preamp

For all the above pieces, we offer a variety of pre-defined MOD levels... Level 1, Level 1+, Level 2, Ultimate, etc... as well as various a-la-carte options. Visit our website, or contact us by phone, for more details and pricing.

In many cases, these products can ship pre-modified, from our stock... or, if you already own one, we can perform the mods aftermarket. Many of these pieces can be purchased directly from pcX (primarily for CDN customers only) as we are an authorized dealer for a number of these product lines.

B. SFI /ANTHEM /ASSEMBLAGE Products                                 Top of Page

Given our intimate knowledge of these product lines, pcX is proud to make available state-of-the-art updates and modifications to these classic SFI, ANTHEM and ASSMEBLAGE products. These go well beyond the Signature, Special Edition or Platinum Series updates originally offered by SFI and TPC (all of which were originally defined, specified and voiced by pcX's president, Chris Johnson)... we call them our SE+ upgrades. We now have a palate of parts available to us, that SFI did not... thus, we can achieve more with each mod. Moreover, as we don't sell these mods through dealers, they are generally 1/3 to 1/2 below the cost SFI previously charged.

We have pre-defined mod prices on most every SFI, ANTHEM and ASSEMBLAGE piece, but can customize those substantially, according to your sonic tastes and budget. Moreover, we can perform a substantial (but not all I'm afraid) amount of repair work on this gear too... our repair rates are a very reasonable $59.95 USD per hour.

The work is performed by previous SFI technical and design staff -- either Glen Dolick or Vince Siu.


As pcX's mod techniques are broadly applicable, we have done hundreds of "one off" mods on numerous other brands of equipment... whether they be your latest SONY SACD/DVD Player, a vintage McIntosh MC240 or a previously state-of-the-art preamp like the ARC SP-11. We can usually turnaround equipment in under 1 week! In addition to the cost of the parts, pcX charges (the billing rate in it's quotes) $69.95 USD per hour for all modification design work performed.

Call us to discuss what we can offer your piece of gear... in your on-going quest for the sonic holy grail !


pcX will also trouble-shoot and repair these same products (and any others you need repaired) PRIOR to mod work commencing. Our billing rate is $59.95 USD per hour.

In addition to doing general electronics repairs, we can also custom terminate any of the wire and cables we sell through our parts and components division. Price out bulk cable and connectors terminated by pcX versus factory pre-terminated cable, bought through traditional dealers... our termination is of equally good quality, you'll pay for only the length you need, and you'll save a whole lot of money!

CABLE TERMINATIONS....$59.95 USD (standard type).

NOTE: For Bi-wired or complicated terminations, expect a fee of $90 to $120 USD.


If you are interested in any of our MOD / Upgrade or Repair services, click on CONTACT US located at the top right of this page.

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